Going for the Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) is like attending an orientation to the world of mountaineering; getting used to the various equipment and basic technical skills.

We recruit our new members at the start of each Academic Year and they eventually form the MIR team. Each team has 2 cores, one Winter and one Summer team.

Teams are required to come down for training sessions and technical lessons the semester they are going for TMC, but are also highly recommended to join in during their off-season.

We train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Every week except reading week.


TMC is a stepping stone for further alpine pursuits, an induction into the community of mountaineers. The TMC, in collaboration with NUS Mountaineering, is a comprehensive package. NUS Mountaineering helps each and every member of the team prepare for the TMC. These included physical training to strengthen our body and increase our stamina, theory lessons on mountaineering equipment and knots, and practical lessons on mountaineering skills such as ascending and abseiling.

The dedicated committee of NUS Mountaineering personally trained us, and ensure that we are fit with all the relevant skillset and physical competence before going for the grueling TMC.

The TMC itself will be tough. Beyond the technical know-hows and good physical fitness, one needs a strong mind.

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NUS Mountaineering will provide free rental for the equipment required for the TMC. Doing TMC as an NUS student is definitely the most cost friendly option. With free rentals and lessons from NUS Mountaineering, this is the best it can ever get. All it takes is personal commitment and discipline.

If you would only do it once, the time is now!